3.2" SainSmart issues + Arduino Due

Hello arduino community,

I need your help. I am using an arduino due with the 3.2" sainsmartdisplay and the CTE TFT LCD/SD Shield for Arduino Due. I have some trouble to initilaze the touch function of the display. I'm using the libarys UTFT and URTouch.
The exampleprogram calibration works well. But when I want to test the "ButtonTest"-program the touch function is not available. Also the resolution is really bad. I can not even read the text on the screen.

I already changed the pins in the program.

Do someone know what I have to do? Or why it is not working?

I also heard that there are problems with the products of sainsmart that they are often faulty. Did someone made this experience?

I thank you all for your help

best regards


I fixed the resolution issue I had here Incorrect pixel potition on Sainsmart 320*240 (SSD1289) display using UTFT - Displays - Arduino Forum

try changing the initlcd line that writes to register 1 to LCD_Write_COM_DATA(0x01,0x3B3F);

Thanks it worked :slight_smile: