3.2" Tft: clrScr clear only the half screen

Hi, i have a problem with my sainsmart 3.2" tft-display with SSD1289 IC. I use a Sainsmart Mega260 with direct cabel connection like discribed in another topic (Arduino Forum).

I tried some demos but the screen can´t clear with clrScr() the half screen (lower side in landscape). Strange is that overwriting it with new symbols work, but its very slow for every frame.
I checked every cable and connection.

I use the utft and utouch driver from henningkarlson.com (and tried the the demos) and the Arduino software-version 1.0.4 and 1.0.3.
The display drivers SSD1289, ITDB32S, TFT01_32 and GEEE32 show me all the same product. Infini32 show me only a whitescreen.

Ive tried the last 10h and it wont work. Does anyone have an idea?

(Sry for my bad english)