3.2" TFT LCD Screen TE284 HX8357B library and connection

Hi Guys,
I was using a Sainsmart Touch Screen with the Henning Karlsen UTFT and URTouch libraries which I broke. I now acquired a 3.2" TFT Color LCD Screen Module TE284 (320 x 480) which uses a HX8357B drive IC as can be seen here:

The problem is that I couldn't find this LCD in Karlsen's library on which my code is based. Is there anyways I could still use it with this new screen?

In addition, the screen seems to be using all the digital pins on the Arduino. Do i really need to connect all of them or can I leave some opened?

Thank you for your help!

Post pictures of your display you do not always get what is advertised and there are subtle PCB and screen orientation differences that may help identify it.

The screen is not a touch screen so is not a direct replacement for your broken one.

This library will most likely work when using a Mega, if it is the screen advertised.

The screen has a 16 bit interface to the screen which makes updates fast but does use a lot of pins.

The pin out is here.

Thanks, here are pictures of the screen:

Try the UTFT example "UTFT_Demo_480x320", this uses the CTE32HR driver model and this works with my display which is based on the HX8357B.

please share the library of tft 3.5 hx8357c