3.2“ TFT LCD + shield + MEGA260 screen remains white

Greetings. Yesterday, I installed a 3.2“ TFT LCD 400x240 + shield in my Arduino Mega260 using UTFT library, and it worked perfectly in Arduino 1.6.4. Then i install in my computer Arduino 1.8.1, and now I do not manage to make it work again, the screen just remain white...I reinstalled Arduino 1.6.4, and for some time (very short), it did work again, but then "the port" was grey as I was to load a project again, and as I disconnected and connected again the usb plug, again the screen was just whilte. I suspect must bue due to some driver, but I have tried to install serveral versions from different Arduino versions without success. If somebody may help me I will be really grateful.