3.3v pin shortage?

I'm new to this forum and new in general to using an Arduino, but I think I may have shorted the 3.3v pin. I am unsure how, but when I was following an example to setup up an LCD, it said to plug in the positive back light pin to the 3.3v. I did this, and felt the voltage regulator to be very hot and I quickly unplugged everything. I'm not sure why it happened, but is there a way to test the 3.3v pin to make sure it works? Also if it doesn't work, is there a way to fix it? Thanks.

A simple multimeter test will confirm or deny the 3.3 volts.

You neglected to even say what type of board but if you blew the regulator it might work just swapping out but there is no guarantee. And you would have to be comfortable working at SMD level components with your soldering iron.

Add a current limiting resistor to the backlight and try again.

No conclusive answer without knowing which Arduino you’re using.

On an Uno/Mega, the 3.3volt regulator has nothing to do with the rest of the board.
If the 3.3volt regulator is blown, then rest of the board should just continue working normally,
assuming the 3.3volt regulator isn’t internally shorted to ground and also taking down the 5volt regulator because of that.

More of a problem if it’s a small Arduino board (Nano, etc.).
Then the 3.3volt is generated and shared by the USB<>Serial chip.