3.5 inch tft screen on arduino due not working

I have tried everything but all I can get to show on the TFT is a white background. I am using an ILI9486 TFT I got on amazon --

-- And I have used all the libraries I can find, but nothing is showing onscreen.
I know that the TFT is not faulty, because I used it on an Arduino Uno using a different library, and it worked just fine. The problem with this library is that it only works on AVR processors, and as you know, the due uses an ARM processor. Does anyone know how to get something to show on screen? I would be ok with losing the sd card reader and maybe touch, but those would be a plus to keep! Thanks for reading!

Your Uno display shield will work on Uno, Leo, Mega2560, Due, Zero, ...

You plug the shield into the Arduino header sockets as Nature intended.

Install MCUFRIEND_kbv via the IDE Library Manager.
Run all the library examples.

MCUFRIEND_kbv supports many different controllers.
There are several other libraries that support ILI9486. It is a common controller.
Many will work with Due but you have to quote which library(s) that you have tried..


Thank you, it worked