3.5" mcufriend

Looking for datasheets with the exact dimensions of the 3.5" mcufriend TFT.

thanks , Marco

Measuring active area of a 3.5 inch diagonal screen with a ruler:
diag = 88mm (3.5 inch)
x = 48mm (1.89 inch
y = 72mm (2.83 inch)

Of course any Touch Panel will be larger. Any flexi-ribbons need a little space.

This ILI9486 Shield pcb is 57mm x 86mm.

Screens are always specified by their active diagonal dimension. So is a TV.


Thanks David , What I was looking for are the exact dimensions ( distance of the pins in between - and between the pins and the edges of the pcb )

I have to design a pcb board with multiple switches , AD9850 , MEGA2560 stand alone and the 3.5" TFT (pins on the both long sides of the pcb , no pins on the short side )

Therefore I was looking for the data sheets with dimensions ( hard to find ).
Perhaps , someone have the papers .

Thanks ,

Arduino board and header pin dimensions are published.

I have never seen pcb drawing of Mcufriend Shields.
Other makes often publish their drawings.


OK , David ,
It's a pitty ,

Have a nice evening