3.5 TFT Display stopped working

I was working on my project. And suddenly the display stopped working. it doesn't display anything. I tried the calibration screen code.

Serial Output after running calibration native:

TouchScreen.h GFX Calibration Making all control and bus pins INPUT_PULLUP Typical 30k Analog pullup with corresponding pin would read low when digital is written LOW e.g. reads ~25 for 300R X direction e.g. reads ~30 for 500R Y direction

Testing : (A2, D8) = 21 Testing : (A3, D9) = 28 ID = 0x0101

The screen doesn't show anything. Then when I tap on the screen it show this on serial terminal.

*** COPY-PASTE from Serial Terminal: const int XP=8,XM=A2,YP=A3,YM=9; //4096x320 ID=0x0101 const int TS_LEFT=0,TS_RT=0,TS_TOP=0,TS_BOT=0;

PORTRAIT CALIBRATION 4096 x 320 x = map(p.x, LEFT=0, RT=0, 0, 4096) y = map(p.y, TOP=0, BOT=0, 0, 320)

LANDSCAPE CALIBRATION 320 x 4096 x = map(p.y, LEFT=0, RT=0, 0, 320) y = map(p.x, TOP=0, BOT=0, 0, 4096)


I also wrote a code with yes/no buttons and then i serial.print yes or no. The touch registers properly. But display doesn't work. It shows a blank dim screen.