3.5 TFT LCD SHEILD w/ HelTec ESP Wifi/Lora board


I am becoming incredibly frustrated just trying to test this device, I could easily plug it into an uno, but I want to use this component, not with an uno, very few seem to have information on this.

The closest I've found to even starting my wiring, is telling me which to connect to the MOSI pin on the TFT. Thats lovely, since it has none, except for the SD card. Everyone just says yea it works great, and cant show their wires. I suspect far too much of arduino is hardcoded, which is why I must constantly modify library code. Anyway... which one of these pins is MOSI?

I just want to connect this thing with as few wires as possible. I know how to redefine the wires, I can modify the libraries into submission and I can identify the pins, but not if its not one of the pins on the TFT.

How do I interface with this troublesome TFT?