3.5" TFT LCD shield for Arduino Mega

I am new to this forum and new to Arduino.
I make a small P.I.D. heating devise that I had recently made into a touchscreen model using an Arduino Mega and a 3.5" TFT LCD shield (ili9481)for use as a prototype. I had the code written by a reputable programmer however, the driver chip changed on the screens that were ordered and the program will not function properly. I am now unable to purchase the (ili9481) screen but now (ili9488) is the screen available. Is this something that can be fixed easily?
I am new to coding but very interested and have recently began to learn as a total noob and currently our development of this is at a stop and any help would be greatly appreciated.
I apologize if this or a similar topic has already been addressed.
Thank for your time.

Post a link to the actual shield that you have bought. e.g. the Ebay sale item.

Ebay and AliExpress vendors are very mendacious. Even when you have located the sale, you should compare every photo with the shield on your desk. Please describe the differences, errors, ...

There are quite a few technical differences between an ILI9481 and an ILI9488. This should not worry you. You just change the constructor() and the library looks after the details.