3.5" TFT LCD Shield that works with UTFT / UTFT_Buttons / Utouch Libraries


I bought this TFT screen to work with my Mega2560 - specifically because it said that it worked with UTFT / UTFT_Buttons / Utouch Libraries - which I have used lots before and therefore don't need to learn new libraries.

When I tried using it, it appears to only work with MCUFRIEND_kbv.h - which I don't believe is compatible with UTFT_Buttons?

Has anyone else managed to get it to work?

Failing that, would anyone know of any Amazon UK screens that 110% work with the libraries that I need? If you could send a link I would be eternally grateful. Although some say that they are compatible - they look a lot like the one I've already bought and I'm loosing the will to live trying to get it working!

I really appreciate your help.

Jay :slight_smile:

No, that display will never work with URTouch.h library or UTFT_Buttons.

However it should work 100% with MCUFRIEND_kbv, Adafruit_GFX, Adafruit_Touchscreen.h
Adafruit_GFX_Button class is part of Adafruit_GFX

It is designed for a Uno. So TFT will be very slow on a MEGA2560. Adafruit_Touchscreen.h will work fine.

The TFT has reasonable speed on a Due, Teensy, STM32, ...

Seriously. If you wanted a TFT for a MEGA2560 you should buy a Mega2560 Shield.

You can always post a link to your proposed purchase. You will get an accurate reply within hours. i.e. you avoid receiving an unsuitable item after a LONG wait from China.


Hi David,

Firstly thankyou so much for taking the time to reply I really appreciate it.

I’ve got no issue using it with a Uno if that speeds it up, but it would use all of the Uno pins ? I need 3 pins for other functions.

In terms of the Mega shield, what exactly would I need to buy? I used to use the SainSmart TFT shield with the Megas - which used 40 pin tft devices onto the 36pin connector. I can’t find those for love not money at the moment !


Jay :slight_smile:

Yes, the 40-pin displays seem to hasve vanished from Ebay and AliExpress.

The Mega2560 Display 16-bit Touch shields have vanished too.
Only the Blue non-Touch ones survive.

I only found https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1905714128.html this Mega2560 8-bit Shield. 8-bit is no good for UTFT. URTouch should work.

What country are you in?


16-bit but URTouch will not work with SD https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002343291522.html

UTFT does not support ILI9488 or ST7796S
Obviously a proper Touch library works with SD.

Hi David,

I’m in the UK.

J :slight_smile:

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