3.5" TFT will not display anything!

I have purchased the below TFT display and I cannot get it to work. The display has a very dim backlight and that’s all.

I’ve tried multiple libraries from Adafruit and codes from several sources. The pins are correct into my UNO. Has anyone had a problem with these units?

_9341uno.ino (4.43 KB)

It has an ILI9481 controller. These particular Blue ILI9481 shields are prone to overheating.
Remove shield to cool down.

Install MCUFRIEND_kbv library with the Library Manager.
Upload the graphictest_kbv example to your Uno (or Mega).

Unplug Arduino. Insert cold Display shield. Re-plug USB cable.

It might run ok for weeks. It might overheat within 10 minutes.