3.5 tft


I have a working project with Arduino Mega + dht22 + ds3231 rtc + 4ch relay board + dfRobot screw shield and (2.4tft/3.5tft).
I've resized the whole code from 2.4tft to 3.5tft.

With 2.4tft (mega/dht/relays/RTC/DFROBOT) everything works fine...
With 3.5tft (mega/dht/relays) works fine
With 3.5tft (mega/dht/relays/RTC/DFROBOT) the relay board isn't works.
What could be the problem?

Relays on the 35,37,39 pins
Dht /5v - Gnd, pin 41
Rtc /dfRobot 5v/Gnd // SCL, SDA(d20-d21)

Thanks for the answers