3.5mm Female Microphone output?

Hi Folks,

I'm working on a project using an HC-SR04 proximity sensor and sending its output as a tone through a female 3.5mm audio jack to an iPad. The signal from the jack is line-out so the iPad requires a trs/trrs line-in adapter to change the signal to microphone input for the iPad to read.

The solution works but I'm wondering if I can eliminate the need for the line-in converter by using a different or specific type of 3.5mm female jack that would give me the signal I need natively.

I'm very new to this world and this is my first project, so I may not have thought about a simpler hardware or software solution. I'd appreciate anyones advice or thoughts on the matter.

Thanks in advance!

Sensor output is probably 0-5vdc.
Mic signal is ac.
This isn't a matter of simply changing the shapes of the jacks when they're electrically identical.