3.8'/3.95' lcd display no display

Hi, i’m having a problem with my display, 3.8’/3.95’ lcd display. It keeps producing white screen without any display. This is where i bought from :
The image of the TFT display is attached.

I’ve conducted a test with MCUfriend diagnose_TFT_support code and here is the outcome:

tft.readID() finds: ID = 0xD3D3
MCUFRIEND_kbv version: 2.9.8
Probably a write-only Mega2560 Shield
PORTRAIT is 320 x 480

I’ve tested with Arduino Mega using UTFT library and so many various parameters as below but no output on the screen. I’ve no idea what was going on.

//UTFT name(module,Rs,Wr,Cs,Rst);
//UTFT myGLCD(CTE32HR,38,39,40,41);
//UTFT myGLCD(CTE40,38,39,40,41);
//UTFT myGLCD(ITDB43,38,39,40,41);
//UTFT myGLCD(ITDB24E_16,38,39,40,41);
//UTFT myGLCD(SSD1289,38,39,40,41);
//UTFT myGLCD(R61581,38,39,40,41);
//UTFT myGLCD(ILI9341_16,38,39,40,41);
//UTFT myGLCD(ILI9488,38,39,40,41);
//UTFT myGLCD(ITDB32S,38,39,40,41);
//UTFT myGLCD(ITDB28,38,39,40,41);
UTFT myGLCD(ILI9486,38,39,40,41);

Anyone can help me, TQ.

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