3 Arduino's/Attiny talking - I2C

Hello I am in process of building a project that will use three Attiny's running the TinyWire Libary. Each attiny will need to talk to each other. For example, there will be a button on Attiny one. When this button is pressed i need a signal to be sent over I2C to Attiny 2 and 3. But I also need Attiny 2 to be a able to send analog data to Attiny 1 and 3. Is there anyway that I can do this? Would I need to use multi Master and if so how would I do it? Thanks in advance Nathan

Could you add another wire ? For a open collector signal to tell that the bus is claimed.

Unfortunately not. :(

http://www.gammon.com.au/forum/?id=10896 You might read all of this first.


Thank you Doc! :) I have read through the link you sent me. It confirms that I2C is capable of multi master but I cannot get it o work with a ATTiny. Basically the TinyWireM library does not let me define a address. If anyone has any other Ideas please leave a reply. If not i will try using I2C broadcast. Nathan