3 axis platform stabilization for vidcam

I would like to build a hand held ‘platform’ that I could mount a video cam on and have the computer hold it flat and level and pointing where I aim it while I am chasing critters; lots of running. I have tried the mechanical devices for this and they just don’t cut it. The objective of course is to produce a bounce free video image while ones arm is not steady.

It strikes me that the same logic used in the tri or quad copters with the Arduino an IMU and three stepper motors might be applicable. Am I on the right track?

Thanks for any input.

Sounds like a good plan to me, although I suspect you may find it helps to run a mechanical suspension system and just use the steadycam to apply a stabilizing force to is.

Computer may hold it flat & level, but will not keep it from bouncing up & down or back & forth.

Think you can find a system you strap on & hold steady like the camera operators that follow the football players around?