3-Axis Sensor I2C Module GY-271 with QMC5883 (and probably any other type)

As is well documented any stray magnetic fields or ferrous material (iron) close to the sensor will cause it to read out in error.

After experimenting with a module fitted with a QMC5883 I discovered the following.

  1. The right angle header plug is tin plated iron (this is located a few mm from the chip)
  2. The Dupont jumper leads and the female crimp sockets are tin plated iron (also located a few mm away)

Removing the header plug and soldering "real copper" wires to the board has improved stability and reduced errors.

Note: It appears that most ribbon cable used for Dupont jumper leads are tin plated iron, as are the crimp plugs and sockets..! (can be checked with a magnet) DO NOT PUT MAGNET NEAR THE SENSOR...!