3 Bluetooth modules and interface with cell phone?

Has anyone added bluetooth modules to 3 or more Arduino boards at one time and had all 3 Arduino boards comunicating to each other bi-directionally along with having them send and recieve data/commands to a cell phone as a auxzialary interface?

I want to have 2 remote sensors each with it’s own Arduino board and Bluetooth module connected to a master Arduino board with it’s own Bluetooth module. The master board will record the data from the remote sensors to a sd card. I Also want to be able to from time to time access the master board from a cell phone and monitor the data it is recording along witht the option to send commands that may switch the program mode it is running or to reprogram the master board.

Has anyone tried to connect 3 bluetooth modules and interface a cell phone on the fly?

Hope this makes sense.
Thanks for any help you can provide.
Don A