3 cars positioning.

Hello everyone, it is possible to make a project in which there are 3 cars and each of them should have a GPS and the 3 cars know in real time the position of each of them on a screen as well as the altitude and speed of each one ?, the 3 cars must be shown at once on the screen. Greetings and thanks to all.

No problem at all. I use a GPS, a NEU-6m that gives me speed, altitude and position if I would like that. Just creata a commĂșnication that works. Just, don't drive down in a dence forrest, in tunnels etc...

How far apart will the cars to be ?

Thanks for your friendly answers, the cars will be in a range of 10 to 30 miles between them. Greetings

Your main problem is communication between the cars either directly or to a common point. Will the cars have Internet access ?

At those distances the most reliable option (and short of those with special licenses for high power transmissions, which you quite certainly don't have or you wouldn't be asking here) is the mobile phone network - especially as cars are low to the ground and moving, so almost certainly no line of sight to where-ever your base station is.

That failing, satellite. That works everywhere except maybe at the poles.

Thank you for your replays. the cars do not have internet service

the cars do not have internet service

That is a shame. How about mobile 'phone access ?

Thank you for your replays. the cars do not have internet service

You should do something about that, and the rest becomes easy.