3 digits large numeric display

I am new in this forum.
I have a question for help.

I would like to make a display that can show a number of 3 digits.
I is for use in a big room so people can see the number from a distance
The distance between the display and the keyboard is 20 meters.
Perhaps wireless?
Perhaps via a serial protocol because i can do it with a simple double wire? (GND + DATA)?

Also i need a keyboard that is connected to an arduino.
I need to type a nummer between 0 en 999.
After return the display must show the number.

Who can help me further?
I know my question is very open, thats because I have the idea but do not exactly know how en where to start! Everything about the software and the hardware is welcome!

Thanks en greetings from the Netherlands!

A recent post posed a similar concept. They were going to use pieces of 12 V LED strips as segments (LEDs are grouped 3 in series, so 6 LEDs was a good segment length), and the recommendation was to use TPIC6B595s to drive eight segments each, thus three of them, chained and controlled by three Arduino pins.

If using an Arduino, the Nano is the one for a practical project such as this. If you wish to use WiFi, you would use an ESP8266 - such as the WeMOS D1 Mini - instead.

To run by cable, an Arduino at each end with an RS485 line driver board. Such as this one.

A “telephone”-style 4 by 3 numeric matrix keypad (7 wires) could be used, the “#” and “*” keys used for “enter” and “exit” functions.

A great little project!

Thank you for your answer! But i think this is to difficult for me! I am just a beginner.

Using serial would be a lot easier for you if you dont have a lot of experience in this area.

If you want to use a real keyboard.. I believe you will need to have a USB Host shield..

However.. since you only need the digits.. you dont need a full keyboard..

so using 1 'buttons' would work for you as well.

Basically all you need is 10+ buttons (11 with enter key), Arduino .. and your 'display'.

I dont know what display you plan on using.. so there may be extras parts needed for that as well.. but if you are using say one of the large 7-segment digit displays... then you would need something like a MAX7219 chip.. (and cap/resistor)

but from there with your long serial lines (you should read and see if that length of serial wire poses any problems?).. it should be very easy to do this project.