3 nema 17 & 1 nema 34

I am working on 3D clay printing
I have a Cartesian frame with 3 axes X, Y, Z with 3 Nema 17 motors driven by

  • an arduino Uno
  • a V3 shield with 4 A4988 drivers
    and an extruder (screw piston) with a Nema 34 motor driven by
  • an arduino Uno
  • a DM860T driver
    I would like to integrate all of them on the same board.
    Do I have to change the board ? drivers ? ...?
    I find only schematics where the motors are all identical!
    Thank you for your answer and your help

NEMA refers to National Electrical Manufacturers Association. The number refers ONLY to the standardized mounting size of the motors and NOTHING else. This ensures that motors with the same number, but made by different manufacturers will all fit the same mounting dimensions. Without detailed electrical specifications on your motors, they could all be identical, electrically. So schematics would all be the same.

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