3 phase electrical data logger

Three phase electrical data loggers are VERY expensive! It looks to us that Arduino and this group of users has just the hardware and software to invent something that will not cost as much!

We need to be able to log all 3 phases of electric current at a maximum of 100 amps; however, we can use very inexpensive CT’s with a 0.333 vac output so we need to be able to handle that voltage input, three channels minimum for this!

We need to be able to log voltage, sometimes on all 3 phases as the local power companies, (All Florida is not a party, power here is terrible!) so we need three inputs that will take 500 vac maximum. We understand that we may need a transducer for this, to get this down to what the electronics can handle and we are researching how the loggers on the street do this, someone here may already know!

On board, memory can be an SD card or other memory for literally 10,000 logs; we need to leave this on site for days sometimes.

USB port for connection to a laptop for data dump. Software may be already available for this.

We do not need wireless or Bluetooth, as we will leave the logger on site for a time. Power could be from the electric we are logging or from a wall wart or battery, whatever works!

We would be happy to participate in the development either with time or $$$, we believe this product properly packaged and priced is saleable we need them now!

3 small mains transformers with low voltage primaries allow monitoring of each phase voltage safely,
3 CT’s for the phase currents, then something like the code from OpenEnergyMonitor ought to be
usable or adaptable. A faster ADC than the built-in one might be useful to get good simultanaity of
readings if that matters, but the standard Arduino can do about 9000 samples a second (ie 1500
a second per channel for 6 channels) - but not allowing for any computation(!)

Setting up the ADC on an interrupt-driven basis would free up the processor for lots more stuff of course.

Part of the cost of commercial units is the cost of UL/CSA certification. Has to be done on production unit and has to be redone with every change, including software changes.

The greatest cost of any commercial device is usually ignored until too late. That is the cost to market the device.