3 phase motor control

Hi, i am building a roboric lawnmower and bougjt two LINIX 3 phase motors like one in next link:

I am not sure how to wire them or control using arduino since they have 8 wires... do I need a motor driver, if i di, can someone paste a link of driver i can use.
Thanks in advance

These all seem to be replacement motors for existing robot mowers. Find a broken robot mower and discover what controller they use.

see if this link can help you.

Especially figure 9.

RV mineirin

Yes you need a motor driver. This is a 3-phase motor with hall-sensors, there will be 3 thick wires for the 3 motor phases and a 5 thin wire interface to the Hall sensors (5V, 0V and 3 logic signals). A BLDC driver for a Hall sensored motor with the right voltage and adequate power current ratings is needed)

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