3 Position LED Control

My brother and I are completely new to Arduino, I have played with it with changing colours of LEDs but that's it. We have a three position switch that I want to be able use to select to different 'modes' for LEDs along with a middle off position. We have no idea where to start with this. The LEDs I have are 3-pin RGB LEDs strips from RadioShack that are designed for Arduino. The power requirements are 12v at 1amp, they are individually addressable. I also have the Arduino Uno.

Any help would be appreciated. What I was thinking is some sort setup where the switch was connected to power and 2 different pins, on pin when active would activate on piece of code changing the LEDs accordingly, and vis versa.

Thanks you guys!

Hi MisterMimoBot, and welcome.

Your plan sounds good to me.
Except for the part where you plan to connect the switch to what you call ‘power’.
I guess you mean 5 volts by that.
You could do that, but i recommend you to connect the center pin of your switch to GND.
Then you can enable the internal pull up of your input pin.
Now, if you have the switch at the center position, bot inputs are HIGH.
And if you flip the switch to one side, the pin on the other side of that switch will be pulled towards LOW.
You can read that.
That is about the simplest way to do this.
There are ways to do this with just one input pin, but for starters it is better to keep things simple.

Of course i understand it’s cool to play with nice colors and have instant results.
But still i’d suggest you find the examples in IDE and play with those.
So first have a look at what an example does, then change it a bit and see whether that does what you expected it to do or not.
That’s a lot of fun and you’ll learn a lot.
And by doing so you’ll also meet different ways to use LEDs, switches and buzzers.
You’ll even learn how to use timers in a correct way (blink without delay is a hot item over here).

Lots of success, and not the least lots of fun !

Hi MisterMimoBot,

Welcome to the forum.

Is there any chance you could provide a link to the LEDs strips you mention?

dannable: Hi MisterMimoBot,

Welcome to the forum.

Is there any chance you could provide a link to the LEDs strips you mention?

Yes, the LEDs are from radioshack. I cannot find a link for them but can tell you they require 12 v at 1 amp, have three pins (vin, GND and data) they are the one meter addressable RGB LEDs.