3 push button and 1 28BYJ-48 ULN2003 using ULN2003 as driver

hi everyone, basically i'm what i'm trying to do is: when a press on start (push button 1) the stepper motor will go anti-clockwise until the push button 2 is press and it will activate a delay of 5 sec then turn clockwise until the push button 3 is press and turn again anti clockwise but only for the push button 3 to go from high to low. i really need help with this i tried a lot of things but it din't work the way i wanted. thank you

i tried a lot of things

Which you elected not to show, so we’ll just assume you did it wrong. Whatever it was you did.

but it din’t work the way i wanted.

Some code you didn’t post did something you didn’t describe. That wasn’t what you wanted, but what you wanted is a mystery.

thank you

you’re welcome

(I’ll dispense with the niceties of punctuation and capital letters, too, just for you).