3 Servos twitching with IRemote library

I am controlling 3 servos to run at separate times. I am using the IRemote library by shirriff. I am also using a modified computer power supply (+5V) to power the servos. The servos are held at a position at the beginning of the program and an IR sensor is used to wait for a command from a universal remote. The problem I'm having is that the servos twitch until the Arduino UNO receives a command. Then the servos are not twitching. I know it is something to do with the IRemote library because when you run the servos separate from the library, they do not twitch. And I am only using the IRreceived example in my code and it runs fine by myself. I have uploaded the program code but not the wiring diagram because as I have said I know it is nothing to do with the power. The twitching has something to do with the IRemote library. If I comment out the enable ir receiver command, the twitching goes away. Thanks

DrinkMachineBeta2.ino (3.38 KB)

If I comment out the enable ir receiver command, the twitching goes away.

What happens if you move that call after the attach() and write() calls?

The same twitching occurs. I put it as the last thing in the void setup() function. Its a small twitch with a small clicking noise. Everything runs correctly otherwise, but I am just trying to get rid of the noise. It has to do with the IR library because as long as I comment the "irrecv.enableIRIn();" command, the twitching and noise are eliminated. However, then the ir sensor would not work.

Dear Dwbaker

I am also facing same problme.Sort of frustrated finding solution for same but was unsuccessful.
Whether you were able to find any solution for Servo twitching ? If Yes then can you please advice what has to be done in order to eliminate Servo Twitching?
I am not able to go ahead with my project