3 slow 5 quick blinks or orange LED

I'm unsure why my LED is all of sudden blinking 3 times slowly and then 5 times quickly before starting over with the 3 slow blinks ad infinitum, but it seems to be related to calling IMU.end().

Is there any description somewhere of what this pattern means? I have never had an issue with my build but the one changed I made was to place the IMU.end() in another position and it starts doing this. I cannot seem to find a reason for it but I can see others have had this pattern but their solution don't work for me. I have easily set the nano 33 into bootloader state and upload for example the blink sketch which works fine but my sketch seems to not work.


Figured it out, it has to do with the board crashing because I was calling IMU.end() on a board that under those circumstances had never had the IMU.begin() call in the first place. thus crashing the board. I'll leave this here for others to find as it had me stumped and I could find nothing to explain it.