3 stepper controll

Hy, first i`m sory for my english:)
I want to create an project with 3 stepper control ( x,y,z ) but on this axis I want to move by keyboard ( W A S D Z and X ),
x - > W and S for front and back
y - > A and D for left and right
z - > Z and X for up and down
Can someone help me please this colapse me ... :expressionless:

Break your problem into small pieces, tackle one piece at a time. Then put the pieces together.

So one stepper - get that working.
Keyboard input - get that working.

You should post full details of any hardware you have or intend to use and explain what you want
it to do - for instance what stepper motors, what do you expect them to move? how fast?

You may find some useful stuff in these links
Stepper Motor Basics
Simple Stepper Code
Planning and Implementing a Program

As @MarkT has said, break the problem into small parts.


thank you alot I want to make something like this:

I dont know how to say in english, but i want to create in my room recause I`m in wheelchair to help me for bring some object easier to me, and I want to develop on my phone.