3 stepper motor driver code

Hey Guys I'm building CNC machine with 3 stepper which are connected to 3 stepper motors easy driver which as my research I was going to use grbl controller for CNC but unfortunately I wasn't able to download coz of proxy in my country.

I wanted to ask if it possible any 1 provide me codes which the CNC will be able to move or providing me the grbl controller.


Hussain al Bataki

I don't use GRBL, have written my own code- there is no reason why you cannot do that. I have Python code on my PC to interpret the GCode and convert it into data for the Arduino - much simpler than trying to interpret GCode on an Arduino IMHO.

Have a look at Stepper Motor Basics and this Simple Stepper Code. These contain most of the underlying information that I have used.

I presume you have checked that the Easydriver is capable of providing enough current for your stepper motors.