3 Tlc5940 16 rgb leds

Hi Newbie here i boguht a Brill idea rgb led "painter" ive run some freely available code through it with sum success but would like to be able to have all leds fade red then scroll throguh the rainbow


Sounds like a good project. How do you control it? I didn't see any control info.

thats the point lol i m using an arduino just need help getting a rainbow fade or somthing

This board uses the TLC5940 chip. This uses a serial protocol called SPI, this involves supplying a clock and data to the chip. Search this board for how people have done this in the past. There are some library extensions posted in the playground.

The board is newish, ive programmed the arduino with the provided codes and get fades and what not i just want to now be able to "tell" the arduino to see the 3 tlcs and talk to them individually e.g fade a cycle through the rainbow .

Try looking here for ideas on how to talk to the chip:- http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1218174457/15

Especially see some of the links off this thread and look at the examples in the library.