3 Transceiver Garage Door Project

Hey all.

The project: I have a set of garage door openers that are used to operate 2 different entry gates at a local residence. I am using a universal receiver (from GTO) to operate each gate independently.

The kicker: Because of mounting locations for the gate motors and the universal receiver, the family wants a wireless connection between this receiver and each gate motor. I went ahead and bought 3 of these: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/10153 which should work just fine. Once the universal receiver gets the signal from the garage door opener fobs, I simply need to relay the signal to one gate, or the other.

The question: Do I need a microcontroller to accompany each transceiver? Or can I implement a routine in the code that will allow me to just use one microprocessor (located at the universal receiver) to send a signal to each transceiver exclusively?

Thanks for your input. Happy to provide any other information.

You might start with providing links to the rest of the hardware you have in place. My crystal ball is out for repair at the moment.

Thanks for your interest. The rest of the hardware is already in place and operational. In any case, here’s your parts list. Also, I have a attached a crude schematic so you have a better understanding of what I’m going to do here.

2 Gates (installed) with motors, brackets etc.
2 SX 4000 control boards for the gate motors: These have simple digital input connectors which I will use to hook up the transceiver to each gate motor.
3 RFM22B-S2 SMD Wireless Transceiver - 434MHz from sparkfun
4 Garage door key fob openers, already communicating with the “universal receiver”
1 “Universal Receiver”: Instead of hooking the pins from this to the gate motors via wire, I will attach the wires from here to a microprocessor and a transceiver
(#) UART compatible microprocessors (considering using micro or uno)

Thanks for your time! What else can I give you?

I asked for links to the products or better to the datasheets. I don't want to have to google each time I'll return to this topic.