3 way control valve needed

I am looking for a 3 way control valve that can be controlled through arduino. All it would need to do is alternate which side is open. It is to control air pressure around 10-20 psig. Position one would be creating a vacuum while position 2 will open to ambient to drop the pressure.

Any suggestions?

Your local industrial-supply catalog will have lots and lots of solenoid valves. What country are you in?

10-20psi is very low pressure. Many of the valves will have a minimum pressure higher than this. (They use the air pressure to do most of the work of opening the valve.) Make sure you check the specifications closely.

Most industrial solenoid valves are intended to run off industrial voltages. You can't send 5v out into a process plant and expect it to come out the other end of a wire 100m long. They use 10v or 24v very commonly. You will probably need a relay or a MOSFET driver to interface to the solenoid valve.

I'm looking to make a prototype of an industrial system. It doesn't need to hold a lot of pressure. And i am in the US.