30 Amp Motor Controller DBH-12

Afternoon All,

I been looking online now for some information on this motor controller.

but not finding much info on how to wire it up to the arduino. Has any one used on of these.

managed to find this

Rotate forward: EN = 1, RPWM = PWM, LPWM = 1
Rotate reverse: EN = 1, RPWM = 1, LPWM = PWM
Parking and brake: EN = 1, RPWM = 1, LPWM = 1
Parking but not brake: EN = 0, RPWM = 1, LPWM = 1
Prohibit the use: EN = X, RPWM = X, LPWM = X, DIS = 1 "1",
high level, that is, 5 V or 3.3 V. "0"
low level, namely 0 v or GND. "PWM" said microcontroller input PWM wave. "X" to any state, that is, 5 V or 3.3 V or wiring or 0 V.


Bit of a update but sort of managed to get it to work but the board seams to be pulling the power for the motors via 5v from the arduino and not the battery (disconnected the battery and motor would still turn ?? )

found this if any on need it https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1849757706.html

tried connecting the Vin to the battery input but didn't do any thing. any ideas ?


You should never operate a motor controller like this without main motor power applied unless you want to
burn out the chip. Phantom powering via the Arduino supply is putting large currents through low current circuitry on the chip.

And this also means you must use an adequate power supply for the motor (should this drop below 5V the
Arduino will be phantom-powering it again).

What battery are you using? Not a feeble 9V one I hope.

Hi Thanks,

yep was shocked. only noticed it was plug power when i disconnect the main battery to see if the motor would cut off.

the main battery is 6 sla battery ( this unit says it runs from 5 v +)

but after testing the battery it was only giving off 3 volts so have to wait till the weekend to get another one.

was powering the arduino via usb wall charger so is it possible, the power was not going via the onboard reg ???