30% discount in Seeedstudio Depot!

When time comes to 8th july,2009, the anniversary of seeedstudio has arrived. It is a great time for both us’cause all order in our Depot will be 30% discount for 3 days! We have created a Coupon Code: 07082008, Use it before checking out. Enjoy!

Seeedstudio depot:


Thanks for all guys who joined in our Anniversary.Hope you enjoyed the cake! :smiley:

IMO, unfortunately many items were sold out (already before the discount phase began) so ordering didn’t really make sense to me (again, personal opinion). Idea for next year’s anniversary: major stock-up before discount begins :wink:

Anyways, congratulations for 1 year of (obviously) great work)!

Yes! I noticed, had to order some stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

No worry, there will be more sale promotion for our latest product . Keep you eyes on us~LOL

(P.S Otacon2k,Which product was out of stock when you tried to get it from our store?)

I placed my order and there was a lot of things out of stock. I’m not going to remember everything, but…
the RGB light strips, the ATmege328, and the Wii nunchuck adapter come to mind right away. There were other things I wanted too.

Well, as Oracle stated, I can’t really remember everything I wanted, but the items from his list were included, too. I’m sorry I’m unaware of the rest, but that’s because of my shopping behavior there: I always just dig through the depot, put everything I find interesting into the shopping cart, check the price and see if it is worth the “trouble” for me ordering from abroad (though I really like your shipping policy!).

Seems like I’ll have to dust off my Paypal account to be ready for the next discount/premiere action…

Seems like I’ll have to dust off my Paypal account to be ready for the next discount/premiere action…

I know, to make it up to us all how about a 30% discount on early orders for the new Mega board. ::slight_smile:
Kind of a Beta tester discount :sunglasses:


Now we have enough Seeeduino Mega, Seeeduino and Seeeduino V328 in stock. Other stuff like RGB Strip and Wiichuck will be back again very very soon.

We’ve became so busy these days, that’s why there’s so many products out of stock.Things will be better after we had more people joined.

Wiichuck re-stocked ! Running a special price for 2.9 USD.