300 Led board

Hello, im new to this community, but hope to become a regular. My wife bought me an Arduino for a birthday, and ive finally got a project in mind that may be able to use it, however, i need a fair bit of guidance. Im profiecient in electronics, but in regards to the controller, i am a bit confused.

My project is a 300 LED light board, where each LED needs to be controlled individually. I like the idea of RGB LEDs, but for the moment a single color will be sufficient. The LEDs will be arranged as a grid of 15x20. I would like to control it using a 9digit key pad.

Could anyone offer any advice, im happy to buy things for it if need be. Im open to any alterations to the idea.

I just need a bit of guidance lol

Thanks in advance


Look into the WS2812 individually addressable RGB LED strips. 5 of the 60 LED strips gets your 300. The strips can be cut and reconnected in the matrix that you want. You will need a serious 5V supply to drive all those LEDs.

if not the integrated LEDs, also look into (daisychaining) chips like MAX 7219,which can control 64 or more individual LEDs in a matrix.

You can write code that abstracts the LED display from your application logic, then chose whichever LED driver technology suits your application.

i agree wth ground fungus. if you want them in a more traditional 5mm led shape, they are available that way as well. Ws2812 are easy to program with fastLED library, are rgb, and are easy to wire.

Thank you for the responses. Ive done a fair bit of searching, and looked into some of the ideas given here. Ive stumbled upom a good Youtube video where the fella wired up some ws2812 and ran it off a arduino uno. It looked like a fairly simple set up. I think i coukd potentially scale that to the size that i need. My laptop died before i finished watching him code everything, but i got the gist of what he was doing. It definitely solves my issue of how to arrange my leds.