300 mA in Digital Pin to Arduino

Hello friends

I have a inductive type proximity sensor. The output of the sensor is given as 300 mA in the specs as well as in the data sheet of the device

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Can I directly connect the output of the sensor to the Arduino Digital which supports 5 V ?

Do I need any resistors to change the 300 mA to 5V signals ? If so what resistor should I use ? The connection must be made in serious or parallel ?

I am new to electronics . Thanks for your time

Regards Selva Kumar

This is simply saying that the output of the sensor can sink UP TO 300mA.

To interface to the Arduino simply fit a 10k resistor from 5v to the digital pin and connect the output of the sensor to the digital pin. When the sensor is active it will act just like a switch and take the pin to ground.

You can also use the internal R to tie the input high.

Note that the supply required to power the sensor is 6 - 36v so you will need an external supply rather than running off the 5v supply. Make sure the gnd is connected to the Arduino gnd.