315 Mhz RF Link Kit problem

I just got 315Mhz RF link kit from Seedstudio. But I am confused with the order of transmitter's pins.

Anyone can show the correct order of transmitter's pins?



check it out. this is how I got mine working.

Hi, thank for your reply. But that link is for RFID, not RF Kit 315MHz.

Do you have any reference for RF Kit 315Mhz?


I would follow whatever is printed on the transmitter board. There is a whole range of variations on these boards with varying pinouts, but unless Seedstudio tells you oherwise, your own board is the best qualified source.

(I’ve used the Seedstudio 433MHz kits and they work just fine).

You can find the latest versions of Virtualwire for Arduino and documentation here:


I have this kit, but I never had the time to try it. I still have a question in mind.. it is possible in your opinion to create a "duplex" connection? Fede

My first try was to send/receive using a single board and this worked with no real issues. So effectively you can use it for full duplex wireless communication between boards as long as you have kits with different frequencies (e.g. 315/433MHz transmitter/receiver pair).

Another possibility is to use a master/slave scheme where a dedicated master would broadcast a request for data (e.g. with a unique destination id). The addressed board would then return data or an empty reply. Such a scheme would allow "any number" of boards to exchange data using only a single channel/frequency.

Good tip! I will try as soon as possible, thaks