315mhz PT2260 remote of 4 buttons unable to get data with arduino

I have a 4 buttons remote controler like this:
315mhz PT2260 remote of 4 buttons

and to receive it with arduino i have this

I'm trying read the code but i get nothing with rc-switch lib receive example although it works to receive other 315mhz transmitter such as pir sensors
i would like to know how or what i have to do to get data from this remote controler?


same problem here :frowning: If you find a solution please let me know.

I have read and decode, codes from sc2260 pin 2
So I'm thinking that the problem is in the RF modulator

in the remote controler, the RF has this code LR1 315.000
The transmiters i tested and work are "BX R315A and JDQ R315A"