32 bits

Hello, Atmel has some 32 bit AVR microcontrollers with more memory (+128KB). I think it would we interesting that next Arduino was based on this 32 bit microcontroller. With 32 bits and more memory there could be more sophisticated applications such as image processing or multithreading.

Is it going to be a 32 bit Arduino? How much would it cost?


Is it going to be a 32 bit Arduino? How much would it cost?

At some future date, no doubt. Cost shouldn't be too much more then the current top of the line models.

I would suspect that before a 32 bit AVR is ported to Arduino platform we will most like see a megaX chip board.


There has been some work done in putting the Arduino environment on ARM 32-bit CPUs, which is probably a better first try for 32bits than an AVR32. I don't think that there are enough similarities between AVR and AVR32 to make that port significantly easier (or perhaps the Arduino environment is not sufficiently complex to make porting on one 32bit environment significantly more difficult than any other 32bit environment.) And there exist a tremendous variety of ARM-based CPUs out there, from multiple vendors with wildly varying capabilities and price tags...

(Compiler support is an issue, apparently. Supporting a particular ARM cpu seems to typically requires downloading some vendors' pre-integration version of gcc, which won't support other ARM chips, and etc... Sigh. In fact, bypassing these compiler issues is a major attraction of an arduino-like environment for ARM. But I don't know how the licensing issues work out.)