32 MOSFETS - Is there a better way?

Learning. Be gentle. :smiley:
I have a basic Uno test setup with 3 x 12V opto-inputs directing 3 x 12V PWM MOSFET-resistive-outputs rather nicely.

So... what if I wanted to do like this guy (32 MOSFET Board) and have up to 32 x 12V MOSFETS instead of just 3?

Is this the most reasonable way to control multiple, independent higher power (500ma-5A resistive load) outputs?
The multiplexers I "get" but 1:1 MOSFET/Channel seems a bit medieval... but strangely logical.
Is there a better way?

If you want the 32 things to be individually controllable then each one needs its own switch. The MOSFETs are the switches so you need 32.


Well then that makes perfect sense. Thanks!