320x240 Mono controless

Hi, everyone

this my first post to the LCD section hope it will be a good start.

i bought some LCDs a while back and at that time never knew about Arduino till recently i started experimenting with different projects and displays.

the display is 5.2’’ 320x240 dots with no Controller on board, it uses OKI chips to drive the raw’s and columns and has a 4bits interface, the model # is UG-32F01 made by Samsung , i’m attaching the Datasheet , i need to know if their is a project or driving Library for this display , i did search the Arduino site and fond some library’s for GLCD but only for Displays with controllers.

can someone help if information available,

UG-32F01.pdf (1.94 MB)

Good luck.

You need a board with a Toshiba T6963T or similar controller, to get anything usable out of that LCD in conjunction with an Arduino.

// Per.