32u4 Serial Device

On my Mac I’m able to program and upload a Leonardo & Pro Micro board but when I plug either of those boards into my Windows 7 PC USB port I see, in Device Manager, the board show up under “Other Devices” AND as a HID-compliant Mouse under “Mice and Other Pointing Devices”.

I want to know how to only show HID-compliant Mouse under “Mice and Other Pointing Devices” and NOT my Arduino board under “Other Devices” (which by the way says, the drivers for this device are not installed).

Since I do not have Admin rights to my Window 7 PC I cannot just load drivers…Is there a way to have my Arduino board point & use an existing Windows 7 PC driver like a Microsoft driver or a Logitech driver already installed so I don’t see it under “Other Devices”

Can this be done on my MAC by tweeking the USBCORE.h module or some other Arduino module so that when I upload my code and plug into my PC the device does not appear as a Serial device ?

Arduinos need/use drivers to convert the USB connection into serial comms. Installation of the application will install the drivers for all of the USB based chips supported by the IDE. The mac situation is no different than windows in this regard, drivers do get loaded at IDE install time.

An example would be the Uno that uses the ATmega16U2 running with LUFA software to function as a USB to serial converter. To the Arduino downloader program (avrdude), the connection is seen a standard com port, thanks to the driver that was installed. Without the driver, you have no serial port and therefore no ability to download a program via a serial connection. Programs can be loaded onto AVR chips with other methods but they all involve loading drivers.

As for your specific situation, unless the Win7 box is configured for public access, you should have some admin rights associated with your local user profile. For example, my employer provides me with a Win7 laptop. While I cannot log on as the Administrator, it does not mean I cannot load the Arduino IDE onto it. I have, in fact installed the IDE and everything works.

All that was required was to right click on the install file and select the "Run as Administrator" from the context menu. Running the install from a standard double click in usual Windows Explorer view will result in the situation you find yourself in, a partial IDE install with no drivers.

Hopefully, the supplier of your PC hasn't locked it down to the point of it being unusable. Try the right-click approach, just be sure to uninstall the bad image before the re-install.