32X16 RG Bicolor LED Dot Matrix help [may be SOLVED]

Hello, this is my first post so please be forgiving. I had also posted in the wrong place so I moved it here. Searched the forum for answers but what I have found doesn't seem to fit, so I am asking for help...

I have bought this:

I have a Leonardo (and a uno that is busy on something else)

I am trying to use this library:

Like instructed on this page:

but the display doesn't give signs of life.

I have copy and pasted the code on both pages to no avail.

I have followed instructions on the wiring,

Pin 11 to GND
Pin 12 to VCC
Pin 3 ( CS1) to Arduino Digital pin 9
Pin 5 (WR) to Arduino Digital pin 10
Pin 7 (DATA) to Arduino Digital pin 11

with just the difference that I don't have a CS1 pin on the display but just a CS. There is a CLK pin that the examples and the library are not using (sounded strange to me but maybe it's ok).

My questions are:

  • is the library correct (for that display)?
  • is it old or obsolete?
  • Is there another library to use with CS and CLK for this display?
  • am I missing something in the wiring?
  • is the +5V and GND connection enough or should I also connect the display to some other source (they gave me larger red and black wires)?
  • if anyone has the same display, how do you use it?
  • any other ideas or help?

What I would like to do? Just start by successfully lighting at least one pixel! (or running a full example)

Thanks to anyone that can help me.


There is a branch of said library with support from the said display here:

Will try it and see, when I can.

[EDIT] I works fine, GitHub - francescom/ArduinoShooterGame: A shooting game with Arduino, a joistick shield and a 32X16 RG Bicolor LED Dot Matrix Display (HT1632C based) !!