330 OHM Resistors (instead of 220 OHM)?

So i want to create a breadboard arduino. Using sparkfun for my parts (couldn't find the parts on seedstudio) i have my list of items for it, everything except 220 OHM resistors, seems they only sell 330 OHM.

Would using 330 be ok? using this guide:


Would this be much of a problem - i'm thinking of timing and things as it would be a PWM project (the TVBGone on this forum :D)?

Nope it wouldn't matter.

Read the guide again. Was just for the LED. derp.

those resistors are just for the led's, since they are a higher value than whats listed, the led's will be a bit dimmer than what is expected in that layout (but you probably wont notice much unless you compare the two)

Also, places like sparkfun are great for the products they sell, but for basic components they have some issues, such as limited selection, (sometimes) high shipping rates and radio shack prices, even radio shack can beat most of that ... and places like digikey (who offer cheap shipping in the states) just kill them in raw components, but your not going to find a killer breakout board for a xyz brand flux capacitor ...

just something to keep in mind

Yeah, bought all the items for $40 including few other things then shipping was $10 too. I'm from the UK though so i suppose it isnt that bad - they had other options for shipping using FedEX and they were >$50.

Just creating the PCB in eagle now :D


try farnell in the future :)


Thanks, Looks quite good!

Certainly will, I've been looking for a UK suppllier (a decent one), Maplin doesn't really cut it. At all.

The best UK supplier of electronic bits IMO

Rapid delivery (ordered some stuff on the 22nd Dec, Arrived Christmas eve) ,Reasonable Prices on small quantities , VAT Inclusive, Clear Cheap P + P (1.50 whatever you buy), You don't even need to signup if you have Paypal.

Kills Maplin Dead.