3310 LCD 3.5V or 5V ???

Hi I wantto interface 3310 LCD with arduino but when ? do connections and upload the code, there was only a single line on the LCD and also it slowly goes away after a while. I embed the example codes which are already given at arduino web page but after some gooling I found this schematic


The actual quastion is that should I use 3.3 voltage to power the LCD and control the pins of it

yes 3.3v for sure. In the picture you linked to they're using diodes to reduce the 5V to 3 for power and they use voltage dividers to lower the logic levels.

Does your LCD have 8 pins or 9.

Are you hooked up exactly as in the picture and what code are you loading?

I directly connected the Arduino pins to the LCD

and I use the example codes on the following page


LCD has 8 pins

I hope it is not damage :S because ? use 5v to power it up

all you can do is try it.