360° controllable servo- designation?

Hi! I´m looking for a servo that I can use as wheels, AND is 100% °-controllable.. For exemple: go to angle 3600000 (10 000* full around spin), then stop, turn 400° (one 360°spin+40°) etc etc.. Im finding the servo g15 cube servo from Cytron, but Im sure dose not the only maker of this kind of servo, so I wonder what is the corret term or designation when Im searching for this kind of servo? If somebody have any more good tips on a servo that does this exept for the g15 cube servo, Im happy for any tip!


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What you are looking for is called a Continuous Rotation Servo.

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hi! thanks for the welcome, but no, it is not Continuous Rotation Servo I was talking about! The Continuous Rotation Servo is NOT 100% angle or ° controllable. I can´t tell a Continuous Rotation Servo to go exakt 1 1/2 turn, I can only tell it to spinn in a specific speed and direction, and need to time it or have others sensors that will stop it..

the g15 cube servo you can turn exactly 1 1/2 spinn. I want a servo with Continuous Rotation Servo AND ability to set to a exactly angle. Does that kind of servo have a name?

this is a link to the kind of servo I refering to, if Im still express my self bad.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4f4wRtWiXKs

What you want does not exist. If you have position control you cannot have continuous motion and vice versa.

If you are content with a max of about 3 (or maybe 6) revolutions with position control you should consider a sail-winch servo.

You could put a rotary encoder on the wheel shaft and use that to provide data for position control. But it makes the programming considerably more complex.

A stepper motor with a suitable stepper motor driver would give position control and continuous motion - but they are not really intended for driving vehicles and they use a lot of electricity. See Stepper Motor Basics

In either case, precise knowledge of the angle a wheel rotates is unlikely to translate into good (never mind precise) knowledge of where the vehicle is - due to to slippage between the wheel and the ground.


but the g15 cube servo does exist and do the things I explained? Or is it me that missunderstand something?



Hi, If I was you I would contact the supplier and ask them what is needed for hardware to control the servo in the way you want to. The YouTube looks like the servo is in what is called synchronous operation, where a special 3 phase unit controls the servo.

So contact them, and ask them for more info.

Tom... :)

thanks, I will :) but the root question, does it have any name or is it to special? I guess the company wont give me any help or tips to find this kind of servos at rival-companys (that maybe suits me better or are more easy to get)

The operating manual seems to suggest there is an angle limit when in positioning mode, so you can't position and do multiple turns, that's reserved for speed control, but I'm not very sure the manual isn't very clear.

The term you are looking for is "Smart Servo"

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