360 deg continuous rotation servo motors

I have just been given a 360 deg rotation Servo Motor made by a company called "Left-Wing" ..model number is MG09R Digi-Hi Torque. As this unit can rotate continuously...do I treat this as a Stepper Motor or continue to regard it as a 180 deg servo which can be made to step more than 180 degs. As this is not limited to 180 steps...do I need different sketches than my normal Servo sketch?? What happens to the Sketch for a conventional Servo which has been modified to rotate 360 rather than its original 180?? Am interested in any information of Continuous rotation Servos before I start to try and use it. Does any know of any special libraries for this kind of "Servo"??

Often "continuous rotation" or "360 degree" servos are not really servos at all, just motor and gearbox with drive electronics.

They're servos that have lost the ability to be commanded to go to a given angular displacement.

You can use the Servo library to drive them, but often all you can do is get a rough degree (no pun intended) of speed control, and even getting them to stop rotating can be a challenge.

Forget about degrees meaning position as with a normal servo: the degree value is now the speed.

~0 is full speed one way, ~180 is full speed the other way, and ~90 is stopped. Other values are different speeds in whichever direction.