360 degree in 30 minutes

Hi, I'm total noob in Arduino.

I need to build some USB controllable tool that would allow me to rotate some tool slowly - about 720 degree per hour, perhaps faster.

Could you recommend some kit for doing this? I assume I'll learn how to assemble & program it myself. For me it is essential to know that details I'll order are enough and I wont be required to order something else that could appear to be missing or incompartible, as international shipping to my country could take up to month.

Thank you for the help! ^_^

It all depends on how much torque you need. The simplest way would be to use a stepper motor and driver configured to run in microsteps. So if the motor has 200 basic steps (1.8degrees per step) and operates with say 100 microsteps then you have a motor that requires 20,000 pulses to produce one revolution.

I don't require movement to be very fluent - so steps by 10 degree could be fine As of torque - I don't know how to measure it :-/ Do you know that standard light switches with regulator that control light brightness in the room? The torque is about that or a bit more.

If all you are driving is a rotary potentiometer (if I understand you correctly) then all you need is a typical radio control servo as used in model aircraft.

No, that should be USB controllable, so it would be available from Internet & by schedule. Radio module is not enough.

and what would be the ~ torque force for that purpose?

An arduino can generate the necessary command signals to drive an RC servo. I'm sure you'll find this article of interest http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Learning/SingleServoExample

To determine the torque requirements, if you do not have suitable printed data, you'll need to conduct an experiment using a lever attached to your control shaft and some weights or a spring balance. The torque is the product of lever length times the force required to rotate the control.

To clarify. I need

a) Adruino Uno Board + usb cable b) servo on 5V with torque of ..(should calculate) What would be the most powerful for 5V (USB powered)? If it would lack force I could use gears connections though c) wires (have plenty already)

Software part should be easy.

I dont need something like "Motor Controller Shield L298N"?

On more question

Adruino UNO could be real-time USB controllable or it is only for running code inside chip and USB is for power and rewriting firmware only?

No, that should be USB controllable, so it would be available from Internet & by schedule. Radio module is not enough.

I think we need more information, and I think you need to break the project into parts.

I understand you want to turn something. That isn't hard. Lots of ways to do it with Arduino in control of how much it turns, when, how far, etc. The best way to set things up will depend on what you want to turn.

That's one part of the project, as I understand it.

The other part is: Once you have an Arduino which can turn the thing... How will it be given commands to do the turning. Again, we need to know the sort of turning you want to do.

You mention internet, so I assume you want to connect to the Arduino, give it the commands to "turn left 80 degrees" or "start turning clockwise at one degree per minute for the next half hour" or whatever from a webserver somewhere out there on the internet.

To do this, you need to do all the things in an ArduServer. See ArduServer.com When you have an ArduServer working, you are 95% of the way to making the thing I've guessed you are trying to make.

One of the things an ArduServer needs is an "always on" internet connection. Do you have this? (You don't need a "static IP address", if you've heard of these and are worried). If you connect to the internet with a "dial up" connection, in other words by the phone, and you can't use the phone to talk to someone when you are using the internet, then you will have trouble creating what I've guessed you want.

Good luck! Sounds like a fun project!