36v 500w brushless controller

good afternoon .. my name is jonh smith, I live in Spain. this is my first post .. the question is I'm building a project that had parked a few years ago and have now decided to end it, My problem is that I do not find the system for controlling the motor lI want to use, it is a 36v 500w brushless. Does anyone have any idea or a scheme to control this engine with arduino? I have thought of a controller electric bike, but it does not have the reverse function, and I think the boot is smooth, which is good for me.

can anyone help me?

I have designed control boards for lower power BLDCs before - cheaper than
industrial control units even factoring PCB costs.

The hardware you need a high current 3-phase MOSFET bridge and a
microcontroller (Arduino for instance) to drive it, and a current sensor to
measure current.

Which motor is this? I might be able to suggest more with some concrete details.

Thanks for your interest and quick response.

the engine that I have is from an electric scooter, buy it on ebay, and the previous owner had him cut the rim. for some project, I think to build some kind of generator ..??. specifically the engine that I have is this (I think), but not the rim. https://www.google.es/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=9znGFSSFyRrdsM&tbnid=9i7EpHtNWz0T-M:&ved=0CAUQjRw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.electricbike.com%2Fhubmotors%2F&ei=kJ8YU7bZAYPJtAaAooHgCQ&psig=AFQjCNFwQktYg3JM9w7y7-kZh9-bupb09A&ust=1394208914007077

I have no concrete information from the engine as it is a slightly older model, but I can photograph and measure it.

I hope this will help,,, Thanks

Pictures of the connectors and wires might be useful as well as any identifying nameplate - chinese motors seldom have good datasheets (in English!) though.

Measuring the inter-phase resistance is always useful - pass 1A through from a calibrated power supply and measure the voltage (the resistance is too low to measure accurately with a multimeter, a 4-terminal measurement is needed).

Google for electric scooter parts to find the controllers for those types of motors.

Good afternoon. Here I have some pictures of the motor.
I’ve seen drivers electric scooter and electric bicycle, but I have doubts about them, I do not know if they can be controlled with the arduino, and I do not see that they have the option to reverse.
my intention is to use this motor to build a self-stabilizing unicycle.
the photos below, the cable terminals have been cut and replaced by others, think of it orijinal nothing left,
Thanks, John

There are controllers that do reverse - often for wheelchairs/scooters and they usually limit reverse speed and won't do rapid switches of direction. The good ones are programmable and can be set to various acceleration and speed settings.

They generally use a 5k linear pot as control which can be faked with a 4k7 resistor plus a low-pass-filtered PWM output to the wiper line.

To my knowledge they are for brushed motor controllers, but there may be some brushless ones available now - probably not cheap if new though.

Controller for a single phase brushed DC motor is going to work quite different to a controller for a brushless motor.

A brushless motor needs a controller which generates a three-phase supply to it, usually.

How do you actually know it is a brushless motor ?

undoubtedly is a brushless motor with hall sensors. I think in pictures, (although of poor quality) can be seen. in particular it is a 36v motor and 500w. I begin to think I'm wrong in choosing motor.

Well if you are sure it is a brushless motor, then what you need is a 3-phase power supply. There must be model cars and planes and boats that use 500 W motors, and the controllers for those are quite cheap.

Not at 36V.... RC motors tend to be lower voltage higher current (100's of A isn't unheard of (they use silicone insulation on the wiring because it gets really hot).

RC controllers are usually for sensorless motors and run one direction. Some exceptions.

The motor in question is an industrial class BLDC with hall-sensors designed to run from an appropriate controller.

From an Arduino you'd need a 3-phase bridge MOSFET driver IC (or 3 half-H-bridge MOSFET drivers), 6 n-channel MOSFETs, and some sort of current sensing such as a ACS712.

The way I've structured my code is to use just one PWM pin for the PWM timing and had it trigger a pin-change interrupt which used direct port manipulation and a look-up table to control the actual 6 output signals to the 3-phase bridge driver.

The Hall sensor inputs are used to index into the table.

In fact the heart of the controller is basically:

// pin-change interrupt, use PWM state and hall-sensors to determine drive output
ISR (PCINT2_vect) // portD - pin5 PWM signal
  byte comm = PINC & 7 ; // HALL pins
  byte pwm = PIND & 0x20 ;  // PWM_PIN
  PORTB = enable ? (pwm ? phasetab [comm] : phasetabR [comm]) : idle_patt ;

Where phasetab and phasetabR are lookup tables and PORTB (pins 8..13) drive the FAN7388 driver inputs. The FAN7388 driver chip goes to 600V so 36V isn't an issue. PCB layout is an issue though.

Google search stuff.


thanks for your help, but my knowledge of electronics is limited, I do not think I will be able to develop this myself. I have seen drivers of electric bicycle, and are certainly cheap and easy to get, but not if it is possible and easy to modify to have the reverse function and start without torque limitations. thanks

If you google “10S ESC”, it would appear that there exist drivers for 36 V brushless motors capable of more than 500 watts.

The 10S refers to 10 LiPo batteries in series, which is nominally 34V and a bit more at full charge. I’d suggest that you investigate some of the devices that this google result reveals.

And are any reversible? And sensored?

thanks for the guidance, I try to do the search.

some motor controllers electric bike include reverse function,. Here is an example .... http://www.ebay.es/itm/190731256766?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 but I think the reverse is soft start Thank you.


good morning,,. few days ago I found a blog that I found interesting. the author of the blog, has built several devices that work with brushless motors. in building an electric kart, design a controller that I think it might serve for my purpose, it is something like what Mr. MarkT proposed. (thanks). here I leave the link of Iulian`s blog.


Today I will write on him, asking some more infor, since in the schemes that the blog has some missing values ??of capacitors and other things. I hope he do not mind on, many people have become interested in their projects

Today I talked to iulian by email. Has applied to me an economic aid in exchange for more information about the work that you have in your blog. my intention is not for commercial purposes, it's just pure hobby. surely the projects I build, had just cornered or in the trash. certainly these things cost money and time, but I'm not in a situation to invest much money in it. as I will continue researching and studying the matter.